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Make your interiors match your imaginations with only rectangles and prompts. Purchase credits with zero recurring commitments.

5 credits

Best for starters experimenting with interior design.


20 credits

Most popular

Best for professional real estate agents, photographers, and interior designers.


50 credits

Best for established businesses doing larger volumes of staging.


Frequently asked questions

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How do credits work?
You need a credit to upload an image. Once you upload an image, you can fill it an unlimited number of times.
Are volume discounts available?
Yes! Reach out to us at
Do you provide API access?
Yes, we provide API access through Function (see this example). Make predictions with the @fill3d/fill predictor:
// Create a Function client with your Fill 3D API key
const fxn = new Function({ accessKey: fill3dApiKey });
Sign in to access your API key.
What is the best way to contact support?
The best way to reach us is on our Discord community.